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First Indian Fully Automated Supermarket Watasale Started

September 2 2018
  • Watasale - Kerala(Indian state) based startup
  • India's first cashier free "just walk out" shop
  • Compare to Amazon go, lesser cost of implementation
  • Using computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion and AI
  • First live store at Cochin - India
  • Watasale starts franchise business, so anyone can start franchises

Fast track Interview with Watasale CEO Subhash S

Can you explain in simple words, what is Watasale ?

Watasale is a autonomous cashier free "just walk out" store. The customer can walk into the store take the products they want and just walk out. No cashier, no checkout, no scanning, no waiting..

Can you explain about your team structure and technologies

We use a combination of computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion. Our team consists of AI specialists, design engineers, Software developers, Managers with experience in retail,and marketing team. The total team strength is 15.

What is the status of Watasale right now ?

We have launched our first live store at Cochin, India.

Have you raised any Funds ?

No, have so far used our own funds.

If I have a shop, I want to implement this tech in my shop. How Watasale can help us ?

Watasale will open its Franchise business after its first year of operations. A shop owner can sign up for the franchise with Watasale to turn his existing retail store to a brand new Watasale store.

What is Watasale USP than Amazon go ?

Lesser cost of implementation gives Watasale edge over Amazon Go.

I think watasale will revolutionise the retail industry. What is your future plan ?

Our plan for near future is to open up new stores in India and abroad. The next goal that our team is working on is that of cost reduction. The technology used in Watasale store is in its infancy and has a big room for improvement in terms of specifications kand economy. Our broader vision for the future is to make this technology economical enough even to be used in a local mom and pop store.

Website :

Twitter : @watasale

Facebook : Watasale

Youtube : Nayasale Retail

Android App : Watasale App

CEO : Subhash S

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First Indian Fully Automated Supermarket Watasale Started
September 2 2018
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