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Kenyt-AI Powered Bot For Real-estate

September 18 2018
  • An AI based startup creating chatbots and voicebots
  • Providing specialised chatbots for real estate business
  • Chatbots will works like a real estate agent
  • $250K raised from RAIN and SucSeed Ventures
  • Kenyt currently has 80+ clients across India

Fast track Interview with Founder Peeyush Kulshrestha

In simple words, what is ?

Kenyt.AI builds conversational engagement platform, aka Chatbots and Voicebots, which helps businesses to deeply engage with their customers with personalized human-like experience.

Can you explain about Kenyt team structure and technologies using?

Kenyt has two founders - Kanwaljeet Singla and Peeyush Kulshrestha. Total team strength is 10 members. The product uses various technologies for front and back end, including AI, ML, NLP and Microsoft framework. team

What is the status of Kenyt right now ?

Kenyt currently has 80+ clients across India. Many top builders like Brigade group, Sobha group, Rohan builders, Kumar Properties, Runwal group are our clients and they trust Kenyt for making their marketing campaigns more effective.

Have you raised any Funds ?

Yes, Kenyt has recently raised $250K Angel investment from Rajasthan Angel Innovators Network and SucSEED Ventures.

If I am a real estate agent or a customer then how Kenyt can help us ?

We sell our Chatbots to real estate developers. When customers visit their website, micro-sites, social media pages (e.g. Facebook), our Chatbot interacts with them with in a very engaging way, satisfies them and motivates to leave their contact details. These leads are of very high quality because of pre-engagement, and are then passed on to developer's sales team.

What is Kenyt USP, Do you have any competitors ?

Kenyt's USP is its pre-trained vertical focused chatbots which produce superior customer engagement in which users can ask any question. We provide deep analytics on conversations so that businesses know what their customer wants – e.g. how many bhk, budget, what interests them and their queries. Our competitors have horizontal focus with generic frameworks where client themselves or another company has to create the chatbot for their business. Kenyt, on the other hand, focuses on vertical AI and provides ready-to-use Chatbots for specific verticals. Client just need to put their data and you can go live immediately.

What is your opinion about future of AI and chatbots

AI has bright future in coming time, especially because of huge reach out of connecting platforms to masses (On hardware side - Mobile phones and data connectivity, and on software side - Whatsapp, social media). If right value can be generated, it can very quickly spread out to people and benefit everybody. Chatbots can act as a very efficient vehicle for providing right AI value. 90% of queries customers ask businesses, can be answered in very simple text, without fancy graphics and UI. And since people are already used to chatting on various chat platforms (Whatsapp, Messenger), it will be a natural transition for them, from chatting with friends, to chatting with businesses.

I think Kenyt is a very useful tool for both real estate agents and users . What is your future plan ?

Yes, we are getting very good results for real estate developers, both in terms of quality lead capture, as well as in terms of customer engagement. Future plan is continue expanding in real estate, and start trying out other verticals as well where we can create value and go deep.

Website :

Twitter : @kenytinc

Facebook : Kenyt

linkedin : Kenyt

Co-founder : Peeyush Kulshrestha Founders Founders

Kanwaljeet Singla and Peeyush Kulshrestha Chatbot chatbot1

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