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Valuer-AI Powered Startup Connector

September 13 2018
  • Valuer - An AI powered startup connecting platform
  • Connecting startups with accelerators and investors
  • Using AI algorithms to do correct startup matchmaking
  • With AI around 3000 agents help to take correct decision
  • Denmark based startup: Co-founded by Daniel Laursen, Dennis Poulsen, Rene Giese

Fast track Interview with Valuer CMO Taylor Ryan

In simple words, what is Valuer ?

Our main goal is to matchmake the brightest startups with the right corporation, at the right time.

Can you explain about Valuer team structure and technologies using

In total there are three founders, Daniel Laursen, Dennis Poulsen and Rene Giese. With their combined talents and expertise, the three form the perfect founders team. Total number of employees is 90. Valuer incorporates an Ai matchmaking algorithm to enhance the process of screening a startup. team

What is the status of Valuer right now ?

Our customers are publically listed, but some of our more prominent customers include Grundfos A/S, Danske Bank, Ørsted A/S, Microsoft,ISS

Have you raised any Funds ?

Yes, Valuer completed its angel round in June 2017.

If am a Startup or Investor, then how Valuer can help us ?

Valuer is all about the perfect match between the agile startup and the resource strong corporate. We took the best from accelerators, startup competitions, and pitch events and made it into a digital platform and a simple tool. A tool where corporates can track startups.

What is Valuer USP, Do you have any competitors ?

Our unique and vast network of around 3000 agents are dispersed around the world. Our network of agents and experts, along with our Ai platform sets Valuer apart from the competition. Combined, they contribute to the process of matchmaking startups with corporates, investors and enterprises. As a subscriber to Valuer, customers gain access to a network of startups discovered and recommended by an ecosystem of insiders.

I think Valuer is a very useful tool for both Startups and Investors. What is your future plan ?

The plan is to expand globally.

Website :

Twitter : @valuerai

Facebook : ValuerAI

linkedin : Valuer AI

Youtube : Valuer ai

CEO : Dennis Poulsen

CMO : Taylor Ryan screen screen shoot2

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